BMW i3 trial

Par le 15 mai 2018

We tested the BMW I3 which has the particularity to have an eco-responsible penchant.
It is this aspect that motivated us to give it a try.

In terms of driving, it is a pleasant vehicle to drive: quiet, manageable and with a certain style.
This beautiful mix does not leave indifferent on the roads.

In terms of materials, the BMW I3 has begun to take a turn that is of particular interest to us at Recycling Carbon: Make beauty with an eco-responsible logic.

BMW’s i factory has redesigned its production to produce a more environmentally responsible vehicle.
The consumption of water, the production of energy, the materials used for the manufacture of the vehicle are conceived so as to incorporate a notion of sustainable development; thematic important for us.

The structure of the BMW I3 has been designed in carbon fiber, making it lighter than the vehicles commonly produced.
This technological advance makes it possible to optimize its electrical consumption, so more KM at the key!

Taking the car will always be less eco-friendly than riding a bike.
However, BMW is launching an initiative that deserves recognition.
The future is not so far thanks to the BMW I3 and I8.
To be part of tomorrow’s world is to start being a more responsible citizen in your consumption.
BMW reaches out to those who want to take this turn necessary for the preservation of the environment.
The road will be long, but we are convinced that manufacturers have grasped the issues.

Our research and development programs will include recycled carbon fiber in the vehicles of tomorrow.
The circular economy in the composites sector represents a real opportunity on the technological side.

We could not test the BMW I3 thoroughly, the dealer did not give us the vehicle loaded 100%.
Although we remain on our hunger, we had the sensation of driving with our rides in BMW I3 a wind of fresh air with each red light.

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