ITW with GAMBOA Vincent

Interview with Vincent GAMBOA

Par le 28 juillet 2021

You have been working for more than 10 years on the valuation of carbon fiber, what can you teach us?
Since beginning my work on carbon fiber valorisation, I have found that the most effective valuation schemes are those that systemically include innovation.
The companies that I support in the valorization of carbon fiber study the subject with a new angle of thought that allows them to reduce their material supply cost and to record profits in the first year.
I also feel an increasingly pronounced appetite within the working groups. Discussions are free. The involvement of the teams allows employees to develop skills, particularly in the area of ​​the repairability of carbon fiber parts.

The covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on the cost of raw materials, what about carbon fiber?
Indeed, the carbon fiber market being closely linked to the aeronautics sector, supply and demand have been upset.A production halt created shortages, causing increases of up to 30% on certain references of carbon fabrics.
This situation highlighted the difficulty of extracting the material and the need to optimize resources.
The sports sector has also been affected. Distributors reported a shortage of sports accessories causing prices to increase on new products. The second-hand market is booming.Composite repair shops are seeing an increase in repair requests.

What is the missing ingredient for carbon fiber recycling solutions?
In one word: knowledge!
After meeting with business leaders, university directors, waste management specialists, economists, institutions, there is one thing in common, and that is the lack of knowledge about carbon fiber. This is normal in view of the complexity of the material. I am far from knowing everything about this emblematic material, but each meeting is an opportunity to discuss details, feedbacks that help me progress.
During the working groups that I organize with my clients, I form heterogeneous teams so that everyone can make their comments according to their sensitivity. The issue of ecology is understood and the economic issue is co-constructed with the actors of the working group, which generates always exciting emulations with varying degrees of profitability.

Are you confident about the future of carbon fiber recycling?
I have never been so confident! The demands for online training are only growing, the projects in which I participate are more and more technical and fascinating. Conferences on the subject are multiplying and I am in demand internationally. The energy transition is underway, the use of the material is correlated with technological advances. I work alongside people I admire and that motivates me to go above and beyond to build a recycling scheme in line with my values ​​and the needs of our time.

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