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We tested the BMW I3 which has the particularity to have an eco-responsible penchant. It is this aspect that motivated us to give it a try. In terms of driving, it is a pleasant vehicle to drive: quiet, manageable and with a certain style. This beautiful mix does not leave indifferent on the roads. In […]

fondation safran

The SAFRAN group is involved in the innovation related to composite materials, the use of which is becoming widespread at high speed, especially in the aerospace industry. Safran has been using organic matrix composites for around 30 years, and is today the most advanced aerospace group in this field. Operating on all continents, the Group […]

industrie composites responsable

Sustainable development is the responsibility of companies, associations and any other entity that can no longer afford to act without regard for the economic, social and environmental consequences of their activities. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was formalized by decree of 9 August 2017, giving it a legal value. This decree inflects our economy in the […]

When it comes to preserving our planet and its natural resources, so is carbon fiber composite waste, just like any other composite material. It is good in this case to refer to legal and recognized texts that set the limits not to cross and the environmental imperatives that must not be divested. Constitutional law n […]

la fibre de carbone dans le sport

Because of its properties, carbon fiber is intrinsically sporty. The fibers are unified to make a single body and reveal rare qualities of flexibility, lightness and robustness. As in collective disciplines, unity is strength. Well, the metaphor is slightly pushed but it makes us happy, and above all, it corresponds to our identity and a […]

France has a role to play in animating the preservation of our planet. Through events such as the #OnePlanetSummit, #WorldEfficiency, #Pollutec, companies, associations, start-ups, students, schools proudly present their initiatives that move the lines and codes with a more respectful vision. nature. On the occasion of World Efficiency, we presented our carbon fiber recycling initiatives, […]

la fibre de carbone, priorité politique

France has recently become the leader of countries engaged in ecological transition. It all started in December 2015 when the COP21 was held under the French flag. François Hollande, then President of the Republic, had shown his determination to lead the fight against global warming. His successor, Emmanuel Macron, did not seek to divest itself […]


Paris 2024 is no longer a dream. It is a very beautiful reality. The Olympic Games will be held in France in less than 7 years. It is an ambitious project that will put France, even before the deadline, in the center of the world. This is a golden opportunity to assert, or reaffirm, for […]